Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Design on a Dime - Do it yourself Designer Clothing

Hello Everyone!

I intended this blog to be there when you sat and had your morning coffee but, due to the storms last night, that wasn't possible. So,go get a piece of chocolate or a snack and some soda, while you read today's blog. Or if you are just waking up......disregard all the above and GOOD MORNING!

What is up with the weather in the Midwest US? Last week snow, this week it's in the 70's - I guess it goes without saying that the snowman has melted away. Why can't we just walk outside on a hot day and see the inches just melt away? Wouldn't that be nice?

Okay..enough jibberish....onto today's topic!

I received so many comments from the Pretty Woman post a couple of days ago and thanks for all those too!! So many of you shared my sentiments and wanted to shout "BIG MISTAKE!" too! Well, your support and that story really got the creative river in my head overflowing with ideas! It always helps to have a deadline...and an inspirational movie happen all at the same time. I work so well under deadlines....

This concept has been brewing for a while. I was inspired by a designer catalog I received in the mail. The tee had an artistic face, with lots of lace and full of bling. So, with that thought in the back of my head, I took to photoshop, going thru my photo's and finally settling on one that I had taken of our 11 year old Elise a couple of months back. My idea was to use the photo as a base, but to edit it so that while it had a resemblence, it didnt really look like her. After a few hours and lots of photo filters, I had the image I wanted.

I made a transfer of it, added beautiful sequin and beaded black lace, heat set rhinestones and this is the result, though it looks nothing like the catalog picture. I'm working on the coordinating jeans now - and hopefully a denim jacket I picked up at Gordmans for $20! Rock on!!

Hmmm...maybe I should bleach LP all over it like the LV on Louis Vuitton...............there's a thought!! Enjoy your day everyone!!

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