Sunday, February 17, 2008

Exhausted, Totally Energized and ready to Create!!

The title seems a little.... ummmm..........contradictary doesn't it? It's true, though, I am totally exhausted from CHA last week. It seemed that we didn't get much of a break. But, I loved every minute of it and I'm totally energized with new ideas and ready to head to the studio to create!

I was intending on doing a day by day re-cap of the show while I was at the show...but you know what? I'm totally too savvy to pay $14.00 a day for internet, call me cheap or frugal - I don't know...but what a rip off, especially when you're staying at a $200 a night hotel. Some things should just be free.

Saturday afternoon I taught a seminar on all the in's and out's of Bead Rolling. This program included a little hands on and a few tips and tricks for using the bead rollers. It showed retailers how to have a successfull bead rolling program in their store and taught demonstrators how to be a good demonstrator so that they not only teach, but also get invited back by the store for more demo's and more work. I have to say, that by far, this was the best class that I've taught in a long while. For the participants there was no rush to complete a project in the short amount of time scheduled and for me the instructor, I wasn't running all over trying to help the particpants get things done. It was just a listen...and learn....with lots of interaction and a little fun mixed in!

Sunday night though was probably the highlight of all the evenings. My book publisher (Cico Books) Cindy Richards along with National Sales Manager, Kevin asked me to join them for dinner to celebrate the debut of the Making Beads with Polymer Clay book. I really felt like a queen. (Yes, I have the book in hands!!! - and I couldn't be more impressed with the quality of the book, from the editing, photography, printing - ladies and gentlemen, it is TOP NOTCH!) We went to the infamous White House, known for its elegant dining.

If you know me personally, you know that my husband Dana is an avid hunter and a gourmet chef by hobby. He loves to cook wild game and well.....the fact that I weigh as much as I do proves that his cooking is really to die for. He loves the presentation of his meals and it's not uncommon on date night for him to break out the candles and a bottle of wine and prepare a gourmet dinner for two......we are up to trying just about anything, and it's become a friendly competition to dine on meat the other has not had...... so with that being said....I had my heart set on Sea Bass...Until........... the waiter mentioned the kangaroo medallions drizzled with a cabernet reduction sauce. (Now don't be turning up your nose to this....) On hearing his description, I definately had to change my mind for my entree and order this. It came on a very beautiful plate with a "leaning tower of Pisa" for presentation. The medallions looked just like small beef tenderloin medallions and drizzled over that was a succulant wine reduction sauce. To die for!
So...if you are in Anneheim...and you dine at the White House - definately get the Passport Menu - you won't be dissapointed, but hurry because they change the menu every month!

Sunday thru Wednesday, the show floor was full of demonstrations and the Amaco booth was literally buzzing with excitement for Metal Jewelry and Friendly Plastic! (More on this in another blog post)

Amaco featured the Bottles of Hope on a Rope reception on Monday. Definately well attended and a big congratulations to all the winners. You can see this award ceremony for yourself at Polymer Clay Productions along with an inside look at CHA, Polymer Clay celebs and everything related.
On Tuesday afternoon, Llysa and Kira from PC Productions came by the AMACO booth and shot a little snip-it of me doing a faux turquoise technique. This is the same technique featured in my new book POLYMER CLAY BEADS. Honestly, they probably have a much better overall re-cap of the show than I could ever have because - they walked the show. Can't wait to see all the snip-it's they filmed and all the goodies they found at the show.

Turns out that I didn't win the designer challenge from Expo International. Those that did win - Mary Lynn Maloney who won 2nd place, was very deserving. Am I dissappointed? Well....not really. The idea to enter wasn't really to win, it was to create....create outside the new new relationships and use new products. So...did I win? Yes! I accomplished everything I set out to do with that ensemble, the money was just an extra bonus - maybe next time. But if not, the experience I gained was worth all the time I spent.

Rather than make this a novel, I'll close for tonight. Tomorrow I'll share a few things on the up coming crafting trends for might be suprized....then again may not!

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