Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Winter storm under way....but in the studio Flowers are Blooming

Did you enjoy yesterday's blog! Isn't it great to see kids using their creative minds in a positive way? I loved it!

As I sit here watching American Idol....and yes I am one of those fans that vote.....I'm also watching the winter storm warnings that pop up in the corner of the TV.

Tonight we are gearing up for yet another winter storm.....our third. I missed last weeks by being in California at CHA. That storm hit hard. Three inches of ice, tons of broken trees in our yard - one nearly missing my studio. This week I'm not so fortunate to be in the warm weather while the storm hits. We're forcasted to get a half inch of ice with 2 to 3 inches of!

So...while the flakes are dancing outside my studio window....I will be warm and tucked away in my studio working on my next book....and this one might suprize you a bit! I'm working on a book called "Decorating with Silk Flowers". It is totally out of the box for me, but definately not foreign.

I'm a do-it-yourself kind of girl. Im a savvy kind of girl. Im the kind of girl what wants to do everything herself from top to bottom. I've done all my flowers for my wedding and for friends wedding over the years. My yard is full of seasonal flowers that I hand pick and display in my when I was presented with the opportunity to design this book using all silk....or should I say..."Permenant botanicals" Im all over it!

The book will debut in Fall 2008. Since I've gotten this assignment, I've poured myself into floral books, studied home decor magazines and sat for hours on the internet. What I found were mostly classical arrangements - in a fan style - in a glass bowl...beautiful flowers, but the word I would use to describe them is "ordinary".

This book will be anything but ordinary. You know me, I am here to push the limits, go outside the box with arrangements that will totally wow! These arrangements will be trendy, airy and totally inspiring. I'll be featuring arrangements that capture the seasons, cultures (from exotic, european, traditional and contemporary) to special occassions (wedding and dinner party).

A big thanks to my local floral shop - Martin's Floral and Home Decor (on South Campbell in Springfield) - a family owned business for assisting me in some mega floral shopping today. The service was top knotch, so helpful! Thank you for making this experience a very pleasant one!! High five to this family owned store - it was a pleasure to support a local business!

While it's a winter wonderland tomorrow - flowers will be blooming inside the studio!

And update on the BEADS book........In the next few days I'll be uploading the link for the pre-sale of the book. Books will ship mid-march! I can't wait!

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