Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Did you take the Creative Challenge???

A few days ago I posted a challenge..... a challenge to go outside your creative box to see beyond the materials you are using and use them for something else. I also challenged everyone who enjoys sculpting characters to get a picture and break the character down into basic shapes and just TRY to create your interpretation of it.

Amazingly many of you took me up on the offer!!

Missy K. took me up on the challenge and sent me this picture and email:

Thank you!! He's all because of you! After you told me the best thing to do was jump right in and try making stuff I grabbed my sculpey 3 clay and while my DH was playing Spyro decided to try to make his head from a pic on the case. I didn't expect it to come out so cute...figured after that he needed a body so then it was on...LOL!! The shading is from airbrushing & antiquing him. I made a sword,shield and I am going to make a helmut and base,then add a plaque/banner thing that says something like " time for my after dinner nap" since he looks sleepy...LOL!! In your opinion do you think he might sell if I wanted to try to list him on e-bay?

Look at the detail she added to this character! Doesn't he come to life? I love his sleepy him lots of personality. And....she sculpted this from a picture from one of her husbands video games! She went beyond her comfort zone and just tried! I am a true believer that once you get the concept of my Six Simple Shape technique your characters will also come to life and you will be able to create anything. It makes the difference from a character just sitting there lifeless to one that envokes emotions and feelings! I think Missy did an amazing job! YOU GO GIRL!

So...TAG YOUR IT!!! Show me what YOU can do!!

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