Monday, December 15, 2008

Simulate the look of dichroic easily with Friendly Plastic

Aren't these pendants fun??? Here's the lastest that I've been working on. Simulating the look of dichroic glass without the fuss. These pendants combine Friendly Plastic to simulate the glass and ArtEmboss Pewter to simulate the look of silver. Instructions will soon be available on the AMACO website and I'll be happy to provide the link when that happens. Just wanted to give all of you a preview of what's to come!

For less than $20 you can create a variety of these pendants and bracelets.

There is a jewelry studio in Eureka Springs, Arkansas called McGee's I believe. He creates some of the most amazing original bezels and jewelry I have ever seen. I first saw his work when I was a teen ager. Several times during the year, my Mom and friends would go there for the day. Our first stop was Katie's tea room and then we went shopping. Eureka Springs is full of art and eclectic shops and among my favorite was McGee's Jewelry. I loved his combination of silver and gold. Full of filagree and no two were ever alike. Sadly, I never purchased any of his work and Im not even sure if the store is still there on Spring Street, but none the less his work inspired me and to this day I love swirls and swoops and coils and all kinds of filagree.

This bracelet incorporates some of that inspiration and friendly plastic along with a little bit of soldering. (let me tell ya....soldering can get addictive!)

And there's even a little bit of bling....a girl's just gotta have her bling! I better get to writing these instructions so you can play along.......

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