Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's the thought that counts! Handmade gifts are the best!!!

Just today I received this email from Theresa M. one of my readers about the challenge I offered a couple of days ago.

I read your blog about challenging us to use what we have and become creative as well as trying to sculpt with the basic shapes to copy a picture. I haven't tried that yet but with times being so tough, I haven't had a lot of money for gifts or just to be crafty. I do a lot of the yahoo groups one of which is an Artist Trading Card group. One of the swaps was about our interpretation (did I spell that right?) of Father Christmas. I used some left over felt and jewels to make a sord of fuzzy Santa Clause.

I think many share the same view as Theresa, TIMES ARE TOUGH!!! But Theresa took the challenge and made something from materials she already had on hand. In times like these, crafts seem to take on more meaning and people look to them as a means to have something to do and save money. It's generally when the moneys a little tight, that I get the most creative and force myself to use what I already have. I don't dare step foot in a craft store -thats just torture!

Every year my dear Mother In Law make all of us girls a little something. Sometimes it's kitchen magnets, sometimes its pillows, this year it was a snowman decorated kitchen towel. Im sure that she didn't spend much money to make it....but what's most important is that she made it herself. It's the thought that counts and I LOVE IT!

So who cares that you dont spend gagillions on a gift..... I would much rather get something handmade by someone special - wouldn't you? That's PRICELESS!

Now....quit reading this and go dig out your stuff and make something!

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Helen Hughes said...

It is great to see that you've started bloging again and are listing mini's on ebay. Hope to see you soon.

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