Saturday, December 20, 2008

Weekend with the family! Lots of memories to scrapbook

Im anxiously awaiting the arrival of my baby cousin, Julie. my mind Julie or JUJU bee is still a little girl, but in reality she's 30 years old with a husband and kids of her own. And they'll be here for a weekend visit in a few hours.

She was my baby cousin, Im 12 years older and yes if you do the math, you'll know how old I am. It's been two years since I've seen Julie, but before was almost 18 years. We hadn't spoken in EIGHTEEN YEARS!?!!?!?!? It wasn't because of some family feud...we just actually got caught up in life. Our own sad is that? She and I were really close growing up. She was the light of my life - beautiful almond shaped eyes and a smile that melts your heart. I saw her nearly every weekend until she got a little older and moved to California.

These are the reasons I scrapbook! There is so much that we just let go by on a day to day basis and before you know it......we look up and 10 years have gone by and we've forgotten all the cute things our kids or grandkids say...or even what things were like when we were kids. I've vowed not to let my kids grow up and not know who they are, who their grandparents are or even their extended family.

With the way things are in the world, we need family more than ever, don't you agree? I hope you will take some time to call someone in your family who you havent talked to in a while. Share some memories - share some laughers....maybe even share some tears....
If you'd like this quickie page I created thru using papers from scrappersguide, just email me.
Im off to visit and make more memories!
Next week, I'll share more details about the POM club! So email me if you are interested in joining!

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