Friday, December 5, 2008

More Winter Friends on Ebay!

I believe that one of the reasons I love creating characters is imagining what their personality would be like if they were really real. If a moose could really ice would he feel when he fell down on his bum? Remember the cartoon characters like those on looney toons when they would fall little birdies would swim around their head? I think this moose is imagining penguins spinning around his head.

Remember was the skunk on Bambi that had that shy little look to his eye? This is the expression I've tried to capture with this little gingerbread.
And who can resist the sweet innocence of a soft fluffy teddy bear. This little girl is only about an inch tall, but is delicately accented with tiny rosebuds. The clay is sculpted to resemble fur - making her soft and cuddly....
You can check out these and my other auctions by clicking here.
Thanks for taking the time to look and if you have any them to me!

Happy Claying!

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