Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Today's a better day! More snowfriends on ebay!

Yes, it's true - the dog ate my cord. Fortunately the dog survived and unfortunately $80 later I have a new power cord and Im up and running full speed ahead.

Dana's coming home today from his dear hunt in Iowa. A successful year for my hunting husband. We have a total of 5 deer and this weekend will mark our 4th annual burger makin days where the whole family gets involved in Family Food Crafts. We'll put up around a hundred pounds of burger, some of which will become breakfast sausage, italian sausage, brats and more.

I FINALLY have finished 5 new items that I have up on ebay along with many items that I've listed for 99 cents or less. No it's not a typo...and there's no reserve...I just desperately need to clean out the studio of things Ive either never used or havent used in a long while. The auctions go up at 6pm central depending on your location it may take a while to view.
As always...thanks for viewing the auctions...happy bidding.

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