Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Arranging Silk Flowers Book! It's Arrived

It's just past noon and I've been sitting here typing instructions now for about four hours. My brain is mush! So......I'm taking a break to blog! Most of my books have been polymer clay related, but I'm branching out.

How long has it been since someone special has given you a bouquet of flowers? That long huh??? (BUM!) Well...if it's been THAT long...quit waiting...give yourself some flowers...you deserve it!

Earlier this year I went to England to work on my latest book Arranging Silk Flowers. I'm glad to announce that it's arrived. And it is UNBELIEVABLY GORGEOUS!! No...Im not bragging about my work....Im actually bragging about my photographers and stylists work. The images in this book and the way the book was put together is just gorgeous. This is one of those books you could display on your coffee table in your formal living room.

The concept behind the book is to create the look of fresh flowers, quickly, easily and economically. The designs in the book range from traditional to contemporary decor. Have you priced flower arrangements? Some of them are hundred's of dollars! Seriously....I had no idea until I started researching the book! But you can create these looks for alot lot less...and you'll have them to enjoy forever!

You know me...Im always trying to find a way to create the look for next to nothing. I believe the designs in this book inspire you and show you that you don't have to spend a million dollars to look a million dollars.

Thanks for letting me share. If you are interested in your signed copy, email me. They are $19.95 plus $5.00 priority shipping.

A special thanks to Cindy Richards, Liz Dean of Cico books - you did an amazing job! Geoff Dann and Emma Mitchell for stunning photography! Rose Hammick for beautiful styling. Thanks to my amazing editor Marie Clayton and I can't fail to mention a HUGE thanks to Lou and Christy at Martins Floral in Springfield, Missouri for helping me in my selection of flowers!

My name might be on the cover, but this book is really a great team effort! Thanks everyone!

Now....back to the instructions!

(photo's (c) 2008 Cico Books,)

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