Monday, December 17, 2012

Never Ever Give UP!

Good words to have in front of me today as I mourn along with the entire nation the horrific tragedy of Sandy Hook School!  My thoughts and prayers are with those families and I can't imagine the pain that they must be undergoing at this time.    And while I won't dwell on it too much because it's in the media - I do have a couple of hopefully comforting thoughts to share with you.

I've heard in the media that many people are saying "Why would a loving God permit such things to happen and not do anything about it?"  Which is really quite reasonable to think since we see violence so prevelent in our society.  And with that I've dug out my Bible and done alot of meditating on things I've always been taught from it.

If you aren't a spiritual person, maybe these thoughts will give you something to think about.  It's not my intent to offend, but to offer a moment of comfort.  No matter what though, it still hurts, however there is hope beyond the hurt.

So many people say they are Angels up in heaven.  It's a nice peaceful thought, isn't it?  Comforting to know they are not suffering and nothing bad is going to happen to them again.  Not so comforting for the parents of those children.  If God needed more angels in heaven, wouldn't it be reasonable that he would just create some more? Is it reasonable to think that God would cause pain to all those families, just to have a few more people in heaven?  My knowledge of the Bible has given me some comforting answers.

Did God cause this? No - Consider James 1:13&14 which says that God can not test anyone by means of evil. Or Job 34:10 which says "Far be it for the true God to act wickedly..."  So if God didn't, who is responsible? Whose influence controls the world in general today?  I think we would all agree that this terrible act were nothing more than satanic, hideous, wicked and  beyond our sense of sane reasoning.  And that describes the ruler of this world -  Satan - 1 John 4:18 gives the answer - that the influence of this world is Satan.  In his hatred for God, he influences the world and causes things like this and then puts the blame on God.

We do have hope though, and for me it's comforting that I can place the blame on who it ultimately should fall on - Satan. I've seen so many updates on my facebook, that talk about this influence which is all around us. It's glamourized on TV, our kids play violent video games....and the list goes on and on.  I couldn't agree more with those people.

 My hope is in my two favorite scriptures Rev. 21: 3 & 4 which talks about all suffering, mourning, sickness and death will be done away with.  ALL the former things of this life we see will be done away with to live as Jesus said in his prayer at Matthew 5:5 quoting Psalms 37:10, 11& 29   Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.

I know that these words don't take the pain or the sting of what happened away, but as time passes, it does give us hope to always do what is right, be peaceable and never give up.

Thanks for listening. I hope this has provided a little comfort.  I wish everyone a peaceful day and lots of love going out to the affected families!  I welcome your comments!

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