Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Developing Friendships

Part of the fun...laborious task of remodeling my studio was organizing! Laborious because with all the little pieces parts I have, it took DAYS to do, but the FUN was discovering things I had either forgotten about - hidden treasures that came to life and looking through boxes and boxes of cards and letters that my Mom had saved over the years.  Some of them date back into the 70's.  Most are conversations between my Grandma and her, but in the more recent years, many of them were cards from caring friends, just wishing her well and thinking of her.  

Before computers and email, the only way to communication was either through face to face, telephone or that handwritten personal letter.  In our busy lives, being able to dig through these cards and seeing how cherished Mom was and how much she was loved by her friends was so comforting.  Giving a handwritten letter or card really speaks long beyond the initial giving of it.  

While in Iowa last month, I had the chance to craft with my Mother in Law.  We took a day and made cards.  I really enjoyed this personal time with her and connecting with her.

As a craft pack rack, I didnt want to throw any of my scraps away, so I collaged them together to make these two Friendship Cards - good any time of the year - for no special reason at all.

Really easy to make and you don't have to worry about the color scheme.  Just cut into squares and rectangles, grunge it up with a little bit of texture and add some doodles for fun.

I stamped on muslin the word Friends and "you and me" and layered them onto a scrap of burlap.

I love textures and layers together and thinking of this project.....I know just who I'm going to send this card to!  

Take 10 minutes today and think of your friends, make a card - nothing fancy and send it! You'll make their day!  

PS...anyone need my address??? 

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Sandy Lewis said...

I'd love your address - and when I send you a card, you'll have mine :)

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