Friday, December 28, 2012

Counting down the days to 2013 + FREE SNOWMAN PRINTABLE

THREE MORE DAYS until 2013!

I'm setting small *attainable* goals for the new year - For starters, {{aside that there is always a goal to lose weight}}  I'm going to have a project called Soul Garden - a soul searching and  personal art journal with a theme of the week and quotes. The idea is to have a meaningful word theme a week, with inspiration and prompts to live a more positive life and project kindness and goodness to others.   I'll be sharing some of these pages - and you're welcome to join me in this journey! I'd love to have you along!

This is also the year I will become a licensed designer! I'm excited to make it happen.

In celebration of the new year,clilck on the photo below (should open up a new window) then right click on the photo below and then click "save picture as".  It's a free printable for you to write down your thoughts, goals, BLESSINGS of 2012 and reflections....

If you'd like email this list back to me - I'd love to see!

To begin my soul garden journey, I am reflecting on where I've been and where I am now.  Never in my entire life, have I had so many blessings and sorrows all in the same year.  This was the year I lost my Mom.  I miss her terribly,It hurts terribly, but I'm thankful that I've had Mom's very bestest friend Donna Sue to lean on, she's now become my bestest friends and it a priceless jewel!

So many other  things to be thankful for - and I need to keep these as constant reminders too! Sometimes you don't know how many blessings you've had until you list them all.....

  • I wrote another book Art + Life Combined and it released in September
  • I had the pleasure of taking Mariah with me to London, visit friends in Stoke On Trent and Knottingham and then spend a couple of days in Paris.
  • Appeared on the UK Shopping network Create and Craft 
  • Spent time with my Aunt Junie and Cousin Kelly
  • Taught classes at Stitches and making lots of new friends there
  • Attended the NAEA convention in NYC and met all kinds of amazing art teachers from all over the world, listened to their stories and shared ideas on how to improve kids lives through art!  
  • Promoted Friendly Plastic with videos and classes (one of my favorite creative things to do!)
  • Went to AFRICA on safari! 
  • Toured an African bush school and had the privilege of donating meat and other goodies to their school - definately a MAIN HIGHLIGHT of the year
  • Took a family cruise to Mexico and the Cayman Islands and got to see my kids faces light up as they swam with stingrays! Priceless!!!
  • Walked my son down the aisle at his wedding in July - and gained a beautiful Daughter In Law Beth!
  • Found out I'm gonna be a Grandma!
  • Went to see Zac Brown Band in St. Louis on a get-a-way with hubby.
  • Taught Cloud Clay at a conference at Opryland, Nashville TN
  • Visited Grandma Ginny who turned 90 this year and had a family reunion.  It was the first time that side of the family had gotten together in a long long time!!
  • Spent time with Family over the Thanksgiving break and crafted with my Mother in Law
  • Got my first glimpse at my Granddaughter Carlee Jane via Ultrasound pictures!
  • Bought Carlee her first outfit
  • Had a little mini get-a-way in Branson with Hubby
  • Remodeled my studio - it's awesome
  • Elise got her driving permit - watch out!
  • Mariah turned 21! - Watch out more!
  • Julia has her first boyfriend I call Milo - but his name is really ***** and he's a red head!
  • Alex is gonna be a Daddy!
  • Got to watch Dana act like a kid in a candy store when he picked up the skins from our African animals!
  • Mariah - Cancer FREE another year!
  • Went to my girlfriend scrapbooking retreat!
  • Shared my studio with friends and we crafted the day and night away over Christmas break
Pretty great year overall - I'd say!  

Counting down the days- THREE, Blessings 25+ adding up to PRICELESS!!!

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