Friday, December 14, 2012

Imagine the Possibilities!

Today I went to one of my favorite shops and talked with the store owner.  I had let her borrow a couple of my books to peruse and get some ideas.  The shop is FABULOUS and the shop owner, who I'll just call - shop owner - (lol), is a lovely lady bursting full of ideas and a gorgeous shop to boot!

Her dream is to write a book, however, she swore up and down, that it was just not in her to do that! I believe in her.......all she has to do is Imagine the Possibilities!
She'll do it...I know she will!

What are you imagining today?

P.S.  I picked this box up at a garage sale for $3.  It just needed a little love and I was so happy to upcycle it this weekend.  I'll share more soon!

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