Thursday, December 13, 2012

Counting my blessings

I have many things to be thankful for, my FAMILY most, my friends, and my husband who said YES, to my studio remodel.

For a long time, I've needed new space.  I am a craft hoarder of sorts...and actually, it seems that the more professionally you dive into this industry, the more you NEED, the more you accumulate and the less space you have to put it all.

So when, Dana finally said YES! I was not about to say NO!

You've seen my workspace before on the blog...basically, the only thing I could do to clean it up was to bulldoze it off to the side.  It just got so overwhelming and with everything being out in the open, it always looked messy.

My studio was housed as a 14 x 12 space inside of a 24 x 20 building.  I knocked out the wall on the south and increased my space to about 24 x 15! YEAH!

Just about ready to remove the wall

I decided to jump out of my craft box and create something big.  In the end I made two cabinets like this one, the cube shelf below, another bookshelf, and a cabinet thingy to slide all my muffin tins full of beads in.

Even though things sit out, I'm finding ways to artfully organize - so that it looks creative, but serves a functional purpose too!

These silk strips are hanging on the rail of a vintage baby bed.  They add lots of fun bright cheerful color and I can easily see what I have to work with.

Move in day!  Took me three days to organize all this stuff!

 More scenes from the studio!  I stapled chicken wire on my cabinet doors and backed them with fabric and burlap.  I clip on stuff to them and can change it when I get tired of it.

A year ago we had a tornado that took out one of our prettiest bradford pear trees.  I saved some of the branches which became the swag. - it's not quite finished in progress....

 I scored big on this buffet that I bought from a thrift store for $60.  It was really worn and ugly, but a fresh coat of paint and some elbow grease brought it back to life.  I think it likes it's new home.  It stores my sewing supplies and my Momma's fabric perfectly.

 This is the creative side of the studio, where I do my work.  The expansion is the video corner.
You can see my little office nook.  I bought a vintage baby bed and used the pieces all around my shop.  As you saw before, I hung strips of fabric on the railings and by my desk the matress springs make a great way to display some handmade cards that Mariah and I made recently.  The baby bed was a great buy at only $30.  

And, along with going to Iowa to be with family and creating jewelry in my "spare" time, that pretty much took up the month of November!  

I have so much more to share! So if you haven't done so, please subscribe to the blog and check out my youtube videos for more creative inspiration.

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