Saturday, December 29, 2012

It wasn't supposed to SNOW! + Free Snowman January Calendar Printable

Last Tuesday we were forecasted to get between 1 to 3" of snow here in Southern Missouri.  Then, for us, it was upped to 2 to 4".  And what did we get? - NOTHING! zip-zero-zilch! {{ps....for any of you playing "words with friends" there's three "z" words just for you! ha ha}}

We woke up to freezing drizzle yesterday morning, and then it was supposed to stop, but stay gloomy....
Perfect snug up in the studio kinda day....and when I looked out - we had 2" of snow!
Not enough to make a snowman...but it's beautiful and I'll take it over the blistering hot summer.

Still working on my Soul Garden journal - I'll begin with that series on Monday.

In the hopes of getting us all a little more organized in the new year plus, these sheets are fun to keep and look back on too, here's a free January 2013 calendar printable.

Click on the photo, then right click "save photo as".
Warm Winter Wishes everyone!!

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