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I'm very excited about 2013, more so than any other year in a long long time.  It's the year I become a Grandma - a place in life that I didn't see myself arriving at this quick! I embrace it and I'll run with it!

It's a year I'm determined to make my goals stick! And I have two of them.... And it's the year, I'm determined to better myself in all aspects of my life :)

I'm beginning a year long project I am calling SOUL GARDEN.  It's an on-going project that when this time next year comes along, I can look back again, reflect, analyze what was good and great, what wasn't so good and great and how I can change it to good and great!

I realized, that so much of my art is based on experiences and memories.  My art is my life and my life is art! And that is the focus of my latest book Art + Life Combined - a mixed media assemblage book to get you thinking in different ways about  your life and artwork.  I want to carry this a step further and journal my art and my daily journey in life.

So, each Monday, I'll feature the word of the week and as the week goes on, I'll feature related inspiration, journal prompts, personal stories, quotes and really who knows what kind of stuff.  I *want* to blog everyday, but I'm not making any promises, I do promise myself to blog a few times a week and if life gets in the gets in the way.  I've got to be realistic.

I really hope you'll join me in this life tour through my Soul Garden and document your own personal journey! I believe EVERYONE is artistic....some...well...we just have to dig a little deeper to get it's's about the process and not always the finished product.  It becomes beautiful when its all put together...

If you want to join me in the's some of the things you'll need

Mixed Media sketch book or composition book
Glue sticks
scrapbook paper
Aleene's decoupage medium - (i use glossy)

Those are the basic staples.  YOU can put anything in your art journal and you don't have to show it to anyone if you dont wanna....this is you....this is your life....this is your life in art!

We're gonna have fun!!!

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