Saturday, September 1, 2012

It's September! Bring on the PUMPKIN {crafts}!

Seems like forever in coming doesn't it?  This has been by far the most BRUTAL summer I can ever remember. It's SEPTEMBER and summer was so last season ago!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE pumpkins! I love decorating with pumpkins, I love pumpkin bread cupcakes and I love pumpkin pie and I'll eat the whole thing too when you're not watching!!!

As a follow up to my recent REDNECK CRAFT WARS post, I had miscellaneous pieces of chicken wire left over and know me...being the packrat and the don't throw away - I'll repurpose that kinda girl that I am, I couldn't bear not to do something creative with the left overs.

So with a can of Krylon spray paint, some old fabric from my momma's stash and a little imagination...
I introduce you to crafty-leftover pumpkins!

If you want to you can use a styrofoam ball to shape your pumpkin and then remove the ball before you close the circle on the chicken wire.  But I just freeformed it.  I also used up a few scraps from Mom's quilting fabric, added a raffia bow, stuck some moss inside and a flameless candle from the dollar store and VIOLA! I have a new pumpkin to add to my collection...

Yippee me!  I've never been much for left-overs, except when they're of the crafty kind :)

Enjoy your long weekend folks and create up a storm!

P.S. {I'm still in my pajama's}

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