Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Trash to Treasure

I am who I am.....I admit it.... I - AM - A - CRAFT - JUNK - HOARDER!!  However I will not be appearing on any episodes of Hoarders - EVER!

I thought you might like a sneaky peek into my creative zone.  This is my creative corner in the studio where I work alot. It's my trash to treasure space!  As you can see I'm surrounded with stuff! It's all at my fingertips, you name it...buttons, jewelry findings, thread, needles, trims, TACKY GLUE,'s all's my zen place..I can tune out the world...............and when I do....this is what happens....

In designing this piece, entitled Chantilly Lace,  I was taken back to my Mother's wedding day, standing there, this beautiful young woman dressed in chantilly lace.

 Good memories of a marriage to my Dad that lasted 51 years!  The pearls are from Mom's collection of broken bits and pieces of jewelry.

The Janie Lane collection can be found at my Etsy store - click here to see the entire collection

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