Monday, September 17, 2012

Take COURAGE - Janie Lane Collection

I'm having a lot of fun designing unique one of a kind pieces of jewelry.  The whole process is healing to me and the creative process is intoxicating....better than any drug!

Today I'd like to share with you this piece I have called Courage.  It is completely made from scratch.   I love the way that the strands interweave reminding me of how our lives are interwoven in our family relationships and our friendships. It is also a friendly reminder that sometimes, when we don't want to be....we have to have courage to conquer trials.  We can do it...if we remember to be brave and take courage!!

As we walk down the road of life we find treasures, and so the pearls in the design are reclaimed from Mom's jewelry, old buttons also take on a new life and function. Soft elements of lace combine with more structure - like the variety of chains in this piece....

I hope you take a moment to remember that you are brave and to take courage in whatever you are faced with.

If you have a moment - browse my etsy store! Maybe you'll find just the right piece or aquire some findings to combine your bits and pieces into a work of living art.

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