Monday, September 24, 2012

Life is good on the Farm!

Took a little break this weekend to spend some time in Iowa at a family reunion.  The first time in years since the whole gang - both sides was able to make it - nearly 40 of us in all.

This is our Grandma some in the picture she is Great Grandma Ginny...and she's about to become GREAT GREAT Grandma Ginny next April when *my* Grandbaby is born! She's so beautiful!

I think Dana has her wrapped around his "little" big finger....

Carson, Iowa isn't very big....but it is a quaint little town.  A country store, the Wander Inn and a one room Movie theatre.

This was the first time that my Daughter in Law Beth had come with we took her sight seeing first to Uncle Jacks Pond.  It's full of Big Ole' Bass n Big Ole' bluegill!

And a climb up the old windmill just north of the house.  Love this Windmill!

As always, we girls snuck down to Thistleberry Cottage - a very quaint little boutique just about a mile down the road.  I loved everything about this shop! Except the fact that I forgot my camera that day! But be sure to check out the link above.

And, on the way there and home, I had a little bit of time to make a piece or two of jewelry.  This is one of my favorites.   A gentleman came into RESTORE and bought it for his wife for their anniversary!  I think she has a keeper! I hope she enjoys for many years to come!

Got some very exciting news which ill share closer towards the end of the week!!

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