Sunday, September 16, 2012

The birth of the Janie Lane Collection of Urban Cowgirl, vintage chic jewelry.

So much of my art is centered around memories.  Things change, time passes, but memories live on.

It's now 7 months since my Mom passed away.  My Dad finally decided it is time to move on and so last week we decided to pass her things along to new homes to be enjoyed by others.

My friend Donna Sue and I took on the task of going thru all Mom's belongings.  It was a major undertaking.  
We laughed alot, remembered alot and kept the things dear to us and moved the others along to the estate sale for someone else to make memories with.

Among the things we sorted thru, I found many hidden treasures.  Old photographs of family members some over 150 years old.  Broken bits and pieces of jewelry, quilting fabrics just have no idea...

But among the treasures, the birth of a new line of jewelry came to life.  I've named it after my Mom, Jane but known to her friends as Janie and to my Dad as "baby girl" and My Son Alex, whose middle name is Lane.  I loved the combination of Janie Lane.  Memories of the past and the creation of new memories....

This collection that I describe as Urban Cowgirl is a blend of soft textures with hard elements.  Soft vintage lace meets wire, beads, pearls and junk jewelry.  Most of the pieces are completely made from scratch - even the beads from vintage denim and pearls...who know's what will wind up in this collection....

Here's the first of many treasures...I hope you enjoy....and if you see something you just can't live without..just let me would be an honor for my collection to find a new home and make new memories with you.

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