Friday, September 21, 2012

RESTORE! and More!

Remember how I said in yesterday's post....Take Risks, BE BRAVE?  That's a perfect reminder for me to live what I preach.  It's easy to promote someone else....but self promotion is one of the hardest things to do


So much self doubt, questions...will I be good enough? Will they like what I have? What if they don't like what I have? ...really...I think we all psych ourselves up more than necessary.

I have a goal....I need to raise enough money - about $2000 for a remodel and upcycle to my current studio which I am growing out of at a rapid pace!  I've been wanting to do it for years now and I've put it off...but now...I need it...and if I'm gonna get it ...I'm gonna have to pay for it.  But I'm gonna do it...I'm gonna succeed and I'm gonna be proud of working hard to get it accomplished.

Last week, on my way to Dad's, I noticed this adorable new shop in Nixa.

Love the sign.....It caught my eye.....

Wasn't looking for anything in particular, just checking it out wondering if it would be a good fit for my jewelry.

Immediately, as I stepped in the door, I was greeted by a warm friendly smile and a hello from Christine the manager asking me if we had stopped in for anything in particular.  I knew immediately by her personality, she was a fun kinda gal!

Mariah and I shopped the store.....

fell in love with so many things.....

What I particularly like about the store is it is so personable.  It's very warm and inviting.  It reeks *Upscale* yet comfy, warm, cozy!  Christine carries many unique one of a kind items in her store at great prices.  It's one of those kinds of stores where if you see it and love it, you probably outta get it because someone else will love it too and it will wind up in their home and not yours....{insert kick yourself}

After browsing I introduced myself.  I thought - what the heck...all she could do was say no...right?  Take Risks...Be Brave.

We had so many things in common.  Our likes...our taste and I knew that my collection would be a great fit for the shop.  We made an appointment for a showing of the Janie Lane Collection of Urban Cowgirl Jewelry today and I'm so excited that she LOVED IT and said YES to all the pieces that I brought with me.

I think this is the beginning of a great relationship!  So if you happen to be on your way to Branson or coming home from Branson, be sure to take a little jog to Nixa - it's just west on HWY 14 - The Jackson Street Exit.  Head West to Nixa to Main Street and Turn North.  It's just up the road a piece at 425 North Main Street.  Tell Christine I sent you!!  It's well worth the trip.

Speaking of trips...tomorrow I'm heading to Iowa but on my way there...I have a few garage sale stops to make.  Have a fun weekend everyone! I'll be back on Monday!

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