Monday, March 31, 2008

Polymer Clay Candy-licious!

When you think polymer clay, what comes to mind? Jewelry, Beads....Characters??

How about these yummy-licious miniature candies?? Or the decadent chocolate? Would you believe they are minatures made from polymer clay? They do fool the eye!

Sometimes we forget just how far polymer clay can stretch the imagination.

I began my career back in the early 90's creating miniature dolls, whimsical animals and lots of other doll house size miniatures. I had quite a group of collectors. Since then I've evolved into so many other avenues of polymer clay that I kind of forgot where my roots were. I'm so glad my friend Cheryl sent me this link to Craftster. I invite you to check out the artists behind these yummylicious photos along with other great works of art on that site. It will amaze your face! Fantastic work everyone. There's just something fun about creating cute characters - really makes you smile!

I'll be bringing the back the Project of the Month club soon! But before I do, I want to have a few projects already outlined and finished. So sometime later this spring or early summer that will happen. This POM club will be even better - I have a new camera, better software and the ability for slideshows. So look for that in the future.

Also, on Wednesday I'll announce the winner of the craft challenge from last month! I think we should have another challenge this month! This month's theme will be "springtime whimsey" anything that replicates springtime - the only rule is it has to have something polymer on it. I'll have a special gift for the winner!

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