Saturday, March 15, 2008

I did not know that 4AM exists! Paddlefishing season has arrived

Yes, it's 4AM and Im at the computer. I didn't know that time really existed!! I just wanted to post a quicky and say......yes I'm still alive.....still working in the studio......and please stay tuned.

I'm up early because Dana and I are going Snaggin' again today. It's the opening day of paddlefish season. Now, why is it that when the alarm goes off for work, you press the snooze button over and over again.....stretching out that dreadful moment when you have to throw the covers off of you and roll out of bed....BUT, when the alarm goes off for fishing season to begin, it's as if there is a sudden burst of energy, you're eyes are fully awake and you are ready to take on the world......or paddlefish?

I won't say I am bright eye-ed and bushy tailed (as my dad would say) but I am at least awake. Dana's already made tuna sandwiches and hardboiled eggs for lunch (a lunch that reminds us of honeymoon when we were tuna fishing)

He's buggin me to get off here....he's gotta catch the fishing report before we leave. I hope to be back later with pictures of "MY" big fish.....yes this is a contest!

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