Friday, March 7, 2008

Live from Chicago!!

Finally Im in Chicago! Surprizingly the trip here was pretty uneventful. You never know what you are going to be up against when you fly into O'hare airport. Seems like they shut the airport down for nothing more than a toothpick in the runway. But yesterday, all was well - I even arrive 30 minutes early.

Generally when I travel, the eating is really hit or miss.....mostly miss. Generally I'm to busy trying to squish alot of stuff in a short amount of time. Last night was different, a good ole' home cooked meal at Kasey's house. It was a wonderful "little bit of this...little bit of that" roast. She said she put a little bit of wine, liquid smoke....don't know what else, but what a traveling treat to have an awesome home cooked meal and fresh made brownies.

Today, Im at the store, setting up for my classes later today. We had a few last minute glitches to take care of....some product not arriving when we thought it would, but those are taken care of. Just part of the process when you are teaching classes. There's something to be said for good planning. We'll be making the "Marty Moose" pen from my Pen Pals book. (it's on the side bar)

I hope to be back tomorrow with some pictures and some fun stories. Can't wait to see who's taking the class and get to know them (that's the fun part). I'll also have a book signing and my first class based on my latest book Making Beads called Stones, Molds Beads and More. Pre-order your copy. They'll ship just after the 15th.

As an update - Im still planning on ONLINE classes - I haven't forgotten.....just gotta get things in order first. thats all folks!

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