Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A new addition to the family - Time for some friendly Pet Crafts

Meet the newest addition to the Peterson family....

This is Daisy Mae. We brought her home yesterday from a gentleman named Larry Dablemont, an avid outdoorsman and breeder of great quality hunting dogs. We got our other black lab, "Sam" from a litter he had over 10 years ago. Sam has been a great hunter, family member and friend.

I hate to say it, but I think Larry really hated to see her go. If you get a chance, click on Larry's link, especially if you are into anything outdoors. He writes great stories about the outdoors, his childhood and nature. They are a great read, family oriented and have lots of humor. His style reminds me of my all time favorite book "Where the Red Fern Grows" which I read when I was in the fourth grade. Somehow I managed to keep that book from way back then. I get it out every now and then and re-read it...and yes I cry everytime the story ends....if you want to know why...well...I guess you'll just have to read the book. In any event, even though his site has nothing to do with art's and crafts, I know many of you have other hobbies or husbands who have outdoor take a moment to check it out.

Before we picked up Daisy we went to Walmart to buy her food....and toys.....and a collar. Well, we got all except the collar because Dana didn't think she needed to wear a pink collar with rhinestones on it. He wanted..."red"! RED? She's a baby girl! She needs pink...don't you agree?? Come on - side with me on this one!

So that got me to thinkin'.....maybe.... just maybe I'll make her a collar...or at least buy her a cheap collar and rhinestone it to death. Then, I'll make her a rhinestone charm to hang down. I think she needs a cute little bandana.... Have you seen all the clothes they make for dogs now a days?? Soooooo CUTE! (okay...a little over the top...but your attitude totally changes when you have a baby puppy - trust me)...Maybe the kids and I will paint her some of her very own dinner ware. Oh...and then there's the scrappertunities she's going to I have an excuse to get all those pet related papers and embellishments stuff.......oh it never ends!

Just like a real baby, she sleeps most of the day....and she woke up in the middle of the night needing to go there I am outside in the freezing cold at 2 in the morning. Not what I wanted to do....Dana "pretended" to be asleep...of course until after I got back in bed.....go figure. Then she woke up singing (woo woo woo) at 5am ready to play....

I'll post some pictures of the pet crafts we do for her...I think it will be a great family activity.

Tomorrow I'm off to Chicago for the weekend! It's going to be a fun creative weekend at More than Memories. I'll be bloggin all about it so stay tuned....

Don't forget about my challenge to celebrate National Craft Month. Don't think it has to be anything outrageous or big.....just create something!!! I can't wait to see what you've done!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, pink or at least a pastle for the little darlin'. Have fun throught the training period. We still have the potty pads for night just incase we have an oops!

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