Saturday, March 1, 2008

When you go shopping.......what do you see?

If you are a creative person.....and I know you are, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this blog, do you find yourself always on the prowl for creative ideas? If you are like me, your mind never shuts off. I can't tell you how many nights I lay awake working out an idea, or dreaming about an idea. Whenever I'm shopping, I'm not "just" shopping, I'm noticing color combinations, trends, looking at something and picking it apart creatively....Yes, inspiration is everywhere if you train your eye to see it.

Just a couple of days ago, I enjoyed shopping at "The Plaza" in Kansas City. I tagged along on a business trip of my husbands. (This time HE had to work...and "I" got to play) I was in the market for beautiful vases and interesting containers to include in my "Arranging Silk Flowers" book which is due to the publisher in just a couple of weeks.

While the focus of this article isn't trends spotting, I did notice very clean, fresh, simple designs in nearly all the upscale shops. For flowers, the trend was simple and elegant. This followed through in the linen shop I went into, clean - fresh style - simple and fluffy!

One particular design in a very UPSCALE shop (which shall remain nameless) did catch my eye.

I give this design kudo's for being trendy and "re-purposed". But as you can see in the photo....I've given my take on these designer teapots.

I think the biggest shock of the day was the price tag -$128.00! Seriously! No.... I did not misplace the decimal. One Hundred Twenty Eight Dollars! For a minute I thought I was back on Rodeo Drive! (Though this shop had a super friendly sales staff)

Who buys this stuff at $128.00? Or better yet....why am I not making this stuff and putting $126.00 profit in my pocketbook? Am I jealous that they're getting these prices? Savvy? Realistic?? Hmmmmm.....

I'm thrilled at the re-purposing, reclaiming trend because it takes me back to my roots. All in all though, the teapot covered in fabric is a great idea to spruce up a dull, ordinary tea pot that you might have laying around or one you might find in a thrift store. *Think potential* But, do me a favor please, and cover it with prettier fabric then what you see here. And, if you are privileged to sell it for over a hundred dollars (even $50)- email me...I want to hear your story!

The shopping day ended with a slight blast from the past. I absolutely love Restoration Hardware which is where I met Peggy, a beautiful sales lady with a big, bright personality. She was so cheerful and friendly and greeted me when I walked in.

She saw that I was looking at the lilacs that were arranged in a beautiful tall glass vase. I told her I was authoring a Floral Design book and was looking for exceptional flowers and beautiful containers. She wanted to know how I got started. We stood there for a few minutes talking. Turns out, we had a lot in common.

She was starting up her own "Mind and Body" company and we chatted about being entrepreneurs and the importance of networking. She commented on the necklace I was wearing which was the piece that Julia designed on a MagnaDoodle featuring "our wedding day". (The design issue was published in the Fall 07 issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry). I shared the story of how I made the jewelry with Peggy. As we were talking, something occurred to both of us....and I think it dated both of us too. Obviously MagnaDoodles weren't even thought of (way)back then. We both laughed because the closest thing that we had to a MagnaDoodle (outside of the etch-a-sketch) was Willy faces. It was a piece of cardboard with a plastic cover over it. Inside the cover were metal shavings that you could drag along using the magnet stylus that came with it. I don't know were you go yours, but I got mine at Woolworth's. I remember taking the magnet and giving Willy a head of hair and a moustache. Who knew? From Willy Faces to MagnaDoodles. Peggy and I both had to laugh at that. It was fun to reminisce.
I walked out of the store the proud owner of three beautiful stems of blue lilacs and connected with a new friend.

Next it was off to meet Dana for lunch at 810. If you get a chance to eat at this sports bar, get the chicken salad croissant! To die for!

Definitely a great day in celebrating the creative life!

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