Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I've been tagged!

Im not new to blogging....but I am new to tagging! I've been tagged! Debba Haupert of Girlfriendology tagged me. It's really a great idea....you learn a little about the person behind the blog and you get to visit some really great sites.

In the interest of tagging, here's some fun facts about me....that you may not have known...or maybe you really don't want to know...you decide.

Here's goes:

I can go from Camo to Glamo in about an hour - Yep that's right....went from smelling like fish, dressed in camo to an evening gown smelling quite fine and ready for a really schwanky dinner at the Tower club an hour later.

Love to fish for anything - yes I bait my own hook, take off my own fish. I'll catch anything that will bite on a hook and a worm.

I eat frog legs - In fact I was dubbed frog-leg Linda by the daugthers of a fellow clay friend Helen

We eat wild game and I am priveleged to be married to an awesome wild game chef who I know is going to write his own Wild Game cookbook before long. He's a genius!

I love gaudy embellished decorated clothing and jewelry. BLING! BLING!

Love to do things myself.....don't want no help....and no one to tell me how to do it either...love to figure things out myself....guess that's why Im hardheaded....(this is one quality...I do try desperately to work on)

Okay one more...... I can't imagine not creating stuff - any kind of stuff...I love any and everything creative. I don't like to cook, but I'll use any cooking utensil for polymer clay....

So now.....it's my turn to tag...(I'm thinking....I'm thinking...)

Jen Lowe Designs - Believe me- she'll try anything crafty...
Helens Clay Art - Amazing whimsical characters with such personality and charm (she's a new blogger too!)
Liz Welch - Friendly Plastic Artist of the UK
Margot Potter - She probably has no idea I read her blog every day....
Katie Hacker - Bead Queen and the inspiration for me to blog
Robin Beam - Love Ranger products and she's great at getting me what I need for CHA
Kim Cavender - Love her new polymer clay beads - she's a great inspiration!

That should give you a good dose of some yummy-liscious crafty inspiration. So now ladies - YOUR IT!

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