Sunday, March 2, 2008

I just felt like doodling........

I had a rare opportunity today.....I had the whole day to myself! No one home, no pressure to get anything done and to top it all off, it was a beautiful day outside! Made me think of spring.

Flowers are still blooming in the studio as I'm working on the designs to be included in my Arranging Silk Flowers book. In between designs, I found myself at the computer just wanting to doodle. Thank goodness for digi-scrapbookin because there is literally NO room left in the studio to start another project.

I just recently bought a Bamboo writing pad for my computer (I'm such a techno-girl). Today seemed like the perfect day to just real thought....but I doodled.

I found this photo of Julia that I took recently celebrating her 100th day of kindergarten. As I doodled on her picture, I had to smile because of all the funny things she said while we were creating this together.

She wanted it to Sparkle.....Really Really SPARKLE! Knowing Juje (jooge) that is totally her. She wanted a crown and she wanted it to be princess like. High five for her knowing just what she wants! Well she got it...we glittered and blinged it to death - not to mention the death on my hands after punching out a hundred little flowers.

I know the doodles aren't perfect and I could have done a much better job of cutting her out of the original photo...but hey...I was just doodling...just freeing my creative mind. I didn't feel like being refined today...

This project reminded me of a project that I did a year or so ago . I thought I'd share it with you. It's called Life of a Princess Album.

It's one of the Purse Album concepts that Judy Caulkins and I won an award for back in 2006 for the CHA Innovations Best of Show. Judy designed the wooden purses and I designed the wooden mini-albums. You can see these designs the Judy's Stone House Designs website.

I just have such a problem making scrapbook pages to stick in an album, which hangs out in a closet. Who wants to put that much work into something and not ever look at it....NOT ME! I love to create things with a without further adieu....

Here it is.... the Life of A Princess Album....

Judy's Purses are also featured in the my blog header. I'll be at More than Memories next weekend teaching that Dream Diorama class. We're gonna have so much fun!

If you haven't done so yet, get your pre-order in for the Making Beads book - I'll be placing the order this week.

Looks like tomorrow is going to be another spring like day. I just received a box full of glass etching goodies - I'm just "etching" to play. (I know...bad pun)

Well...anywhoo stay tuned....who knows what the next blog will be about.....I'll think of something

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