Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Never throw anything away...a packrats dream

I've had some really nice email chat's over the past couple of days with several of you sharing ideas on things that you save so that you can repurpose in a more creative way. I love all your ideas which I will share in an upcoming post.

I am finally owning up to the fact that I am such a pack rat. I come by it honestly. I come from a long family of dumpster divers of sorts who find one persons trash is another's treasure. I see evidence of this stacked in my studio from floor to ceiling. Kind of sad....unless you are creative and then you find it a treasure trove!

It finally happened's been 10+ years in waiting and I probably shouldn't even blog about this, but I'm going to anyways. My comfy pants, my favorite flannel comfy pants - holes and all died today. They are in shreds, the thread is so worn at the seams that they just can't hold them together any longer. I was going to toss them away until I read Jen Lowe's blog this morning. Take a look at her blog and see what she did with some recycled suede leather scraps.

Then I decided, I need to keep them and at least make something creative from them....maybe they'll just be an element in a scrapbook layout - after all - scrapbooking is more that just plunking photo's on a page. You can scrap about all the "little" things. The things that bring you comfort when you are sick or depressed. The things that make you happy....

Well...the comfy pants have served me well over the years. I'd get another pair but they just wouldn't be the same. So being the pack rat that I am, I'll tuck them away safely and save them for a day that I put them thru the die cut machine and cut out happy little plaid flowers to add to my "comfy" layout.

I knew that holding on to things forever and making something out of them would someday be trendy. Now it is! It's great to be HIP!

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Jen Lowe said...

I have seen these pants!

You are doing the world a favor!


Can't wait to see the plaid flowers....will you be arranging them for us?


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