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More Memories Made at More than Memories

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Now back to the program.......

More Memories Made at More than Memories....
Say that real fast three times! It's true though, this past weekend was a real treat. Working the kind of schedule I do, it's not often that I get to have a fun, creative weekend with a bunch of ladies.

This was "Celebrity" weekend at More than Memories and I was invited to be the featured "Celebrity" of the month. (WOW!) Friday night we sculpted to our hearts content a little Moose called "Marty". While some of the ladies in the class were familiar with polymer clay, most had no experience in creating sculpted characters. We spent a good majority of the time on the face. Facial expression is the most important when creating characters. This class amazed me. They were intent on listening, working and accepting constructive hints. Everyone went home pleased with their work and let me tell you, they all turned out awesome. So if you think you can't sculpt....YOU CAN! (look at the post below).

Saturday morning began with a class called "Stones, Molds, Beads and More". We began with learning how to create molds from junky scrap clay and also Rangers Mold N Pour. Most brought buttons, though there were a few charms and a couple of really awesome shower curtain hooks - great thinking ladies on the things you brought to class! This class was a really QUICK 3 hours in learning all about making molds, and simulating stones such as turquoise, coral and jade. Lots to learn and retain. I also did a book signing with this class for my new Making Beads Book.

If you ever take a class there....Keep and eye out for Pat....She loses her "brain" alot. She began class telling me she lost her brayer and couldn't find it. But, to my ears, it didn't come across as "brayer" it came across as "brain". I thought she was telling me she lost her "brain". And all I could say was..."Well Pat, where did you last put it?" When I figured out what I was saying, we all couldn't help but laugh. Okay..duh me when I realized she was looking for her BRAYER and not her BRAIN......we'll just chalk that up to a blonde moment.....and then there is Mary Lynne who likes to hide other peoples water..... You ladies made me laugh and kept the class fun.

And as for crafts as therapy, we had a lady, who was feeling quite a bit under the weather when she showed up for class Saturday, but by the end of the day she told me that she couldn't believe how much better she felt with each passing hour. She was a real trouper! And she did some pretty amazing and crafty things too! Honestly, that made me feel really GREAT to think that something creative that I inspired could really help someones physical well being.

Well...just the entire class was fantastic and fun.....and a pleasure to share my knowledge with! Everyone of you a high five!

The afternoon featured the Dream Diorama class. Many of the ladies that participated were ones that took all three of my classes along with a few new ones. The best part of this class was being able to guide their creativity but allow their own personal taste and memories to shine thru. I shared with them techniques on how to finish the outside of the purse with paint, stamps and distressing. We also created our own matching paper for the inside, worked with Art Emboss metal and created embellishments with Friendly Plastic. Each one was uniquely different and personal to each one of the class members. It told their story....or at least it was on it's way to telling their story. It was a five hour long class. I'm sure that we could have stayed there for hours on end just having fun talking, laughing and telling stories.

And last but not least, I began the day with some great email from a couple of these ladies I would like to share with you....

This is from Cheryl B:

Hi! I spent the day with Linda today at one of the best two classes I have taken at Making The Memories in Schaumburg, IL. Ironically, I found Linda on You Tube one day a few months ago when I was looking for ideas on how to make polymer clay beads. I watched her video on shaving cream beads and found her blog and emailed her a question? Then I found out she was going to be only about an hour from where I lived so I called and got into her class! It was such a fun class today or rather two classes as I took the polymer clay class and her altered purse class. We learned so many different techniques today and met so many neat people! It really is worth taking classes so you can learn so much more than just looking at a book. Then we also were able to be the first to get her new polymer clay beading book which is Awesome! It has so many neat pictures and ideas with a lot of easy to follow directions.

She then challenged us to put pictures up on her blog as things we have made that are basically altered craft items. This was my first book I did just a few weeks ago and have just started making them! I am going to be putting them on Etsy this week! Thanks Linda and Making The Memories Store for such a great Day and for the all the work you put into this weekend! hugs, Cheryl

Thanks Cheryl for such a nice email. I'll be posting Cheryls work on my blog in the near future. She brought some "show and tell" with her of things she had "repurposed". (She's also entered the for the rest of you...get busy!!) Really talented.

Next is from Mary Ann (you know the one who hides the water bottles) She's great fun!

I could not let the evening end without giving you one last jibe.
Again, I cannot tell you enough how fun and enjoyable your classes were. I really feel I learned a lot and had a good time doing it, too. Im sure in a few days when I have had an opportunity to digest everything I real even feel better.

Your entire approach to instructing is very casual. You are very patient, explain things well, and obviously, you learn as much from your participants as they learn from you. I agree with you totally, that it isn’t as important to complete the project as it is to learn the concept and understand the techiniques. I know, today especially, about 5:30 my attention span is getting low. Yet you did not push me or anyone else to get the project finished. It was more important that we understood what to do than to get a project completed. That kept the stress level at a low key. Enjoying the process was the goal. Not finishing the project.

It is a good feeling to come home, feeling exhausted, but also knowing that you learned a lot and had fun all at the same time.

I am anxious to go through your new book. I ‘ll admit, I haven’t sat down and read cover to cover, but I did spend time last evening looking through the sections. I purchased some additional clay to try some of the other jewelry projects. I first plan on finishing my diorama and possibly making another – maybe one for me, too. If I can figure out how to take a picture, I’ll send you a pix.

I am marking my calendar for your return in July. Until then, pleas stay in touch and I will read your blog, say “hi” occasionally…. And Ill be waiting for my jacket ( Ok the instructions will do. )

In the meantime, Im anxious for your next book coming out in May.

Have a safe trip back tomorrow. May Spring be around the corner!!!!

Your quiet friend, Mary Lynne

Thanks Ladies! You both made my day and it sure was nice to open up the email box with those letters waiting!

Check out More than Memories Celebrity Class Schedule - Next month is Karen Thomas (OAOTW - That's Origami Artist of the World -and yes I made that up, but she is well deserving of the title!) and for May you'll meet Donna Kato. (PQOU - that's Polymer Queen of the Universe! made this one up too...but it totally fits!)... I can tell you that any of you who get to take either or BOTH those classes, Im green with envy!!! - can you stuff me in your suitcase?

If you have comments or thoughts or just want to say hi! EMAIL ME!!! I'd love to hear your stories and I know others would too!

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