Wednesday, February 25, 2009

At Jen Lowe's Studio - Day One

Im totally in awe of Jen's studio! It's just oozes with creativity and inspiration. My quite different - functional but uninspiring. However, that will change as soon as I get back. My dad is giving me a studio make over..but that is yet another post!

When people visit me- especially if they are new friends or aquaintances, they always want to see "what I do". My house is very lodge-y and very little of my work is displayed - mostly because "it don't fit!" but Jens home and studio is like a living scrapbook. Her home simply oozes with wonderful works of art - collage frames of wonderful memories of her past, fascinating altered art.. and ways of organizing that just leave me speechless.... functional and artful...

This is her wall of organization and a little office space on the other where she does some papercrafting....

A better look at the incredible wall of organization ....but ....the funny thing organized as she is...she still can't remember where she put stuff...and still goes on the hunt....too funny.

This is the stash of friendly plastic I brought with took up a whole suitcase! There is absolutely NO friendly plastic left in my studio...cept for maybe a piece or two on the floor. And...

this is her stash...............thank goodness I brought enough to work with!!!!!!
Oh...we has SOOOOOOOO much fun last night. Jodi Amidei former editor of Memory Makers Books came over to play too. I made Friendly Plastic turquoise...and today...well..lets just say for the first time in a long time...I woke up - head spinning with ideas...had to run downstairs and grab a notebook and write them all down. I like the phrase a gentleman on the plane told me yesterday. He said....." I dont have alzheimers.... I have some-timers!" I thought that was cute and very true in my case!'s time to get to creating!!! Stay tuned for day two!

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Jana Ewy said...

Hey... you two have tons of fun... I expecting to see great things from both of you. Hugs and Smiles

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