Sunday, February 8, 2009

Friendly Plastic is back!

When AMaco decided to no longer distribute Fimo products, you can just imagine how shocked and devestated I was.....I really thought...what will happen now?? the long run, it's been great decision on AMACO's part and great for me as a designer as well. There are times when we get so involved working with one medium that we get artistic tunnel vision. Sometimes that's great...but for me it's very limiting in creativity since I tend to be impatient and get bored with one technique easy. Now this isn't to say that I have given up polymer clay..quite the contrary...

But what I am discovering is all the wonderful things you can do with Friendly Plastic pellets. Ive spent the better part of last week and will again this week tweek techniques Ive discovered. Being a polymer clay artist has really helped me tweek some of the techniques in using this medium. I love the way it softens in water - so definately instant gratification.

Along with Jana Ewy, I will be authoring the official Friendly Plastic blog for AMACO. If you've worked with this medium, please email me photo's - even if they are retro...we want to see where it's been and everything trendy you are doing now. This site is to promote the product and the artist. It's everything Friendly Plastic.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah I love this stuff and it is perfect for my models

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