Friday, February 27, 2009

Day three of the Creative Road trip!

A little snip-it f our workspace. Mine is the side with the griddle - Jen has hers set up to set rhinestones into friendly plastic. Actually.....believe it or not it's not to bad for a couple of mad creative people.

Jen did errands - I stayed here and created all day long. Mostly Jewelry - which I'll share on tomorrow's blog.

We found some tubing at the hardware store and I sure wish I knew the name of it, because it is perfect to make cylinder beads like Jana does. When you're finished, it pulls right out. But I'll share all those little techniques in upcoming blogs.

We were going to do video's today...but we decided to wait until the end of our week together so we can highlight all the things we've done.

This piece will be appearing on soon - as soon as I get the instructions to them. I call it Spirit of the Heart... to me it looks like it's flowing in the wind.
Now...head on over to these blogs: Friendly Plastic, Jen Lowe Designs and Amidei Madness for more of the inside scoop and photo's of things we've been working on. I've posted my big embellished butterfly there too!

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