Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Red Candy Beads in Friendly Plastic with Bead Rollers

Just thought I'd share some eye candy! This really looks like a piece of cherry twist candy. It was so fun to make.

I've been spending hours in the studio over the past two weeks coming up with new techniques and this bead features one of them....I did form it with a bead roller....but the rest of the techniques...I'll just have to keep a secret for a short while.

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JF said...

You've tweaked my curiosity with Friendly Plastic so I bought some but havent' had a great deal of success. I only have an electric frypan to use and the numbers on the temp gauge have worn off. It is softening in an irregular pattern and curling. Must me too high. How does one use warm water and get the same effects?
I love your cherry twist candy.

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