Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Make Your Plastic FANTASTIC....

Jen SWORE up and down we we're NOT going to go to Walmart while I was here.....that's kind of a running joke because when she visited me...we went there three times a day - always needing something.

After a shopping trip to McGukins Hardware Store in Boulder (ohhhhhh....girls.....the found objects in that store......) we came back to the studio and created our little hearts out....yes I will show pictures...but not tonight.... we're in walmart and we walk past these shirts! How could we resist???!!!!! As expected...they will be embellished.....(Im thinking there may be a mad dash to walmart for the shirts??? )

While you're waiting for me to post pictures...have a jump on the friendly plastic blog. Jana's made some incredible art candy there for you to feast your eyes on!

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