Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Welcome! Friendly Plastic is BACK! It's trendy, it's HOT and it ROCKS!

This medium, once popular in the 80's and 90's is not your "momma's Friendly Plastic anymore!". We've updated the style and even thrown in a few new techniques here and there.
We intend to give this medium the recognition it deserves and appeal to all audiences!

Primarily my focus will be in working with the pellets. With my polymer clay background, I am finding ways to tweek polymer techniques to work with the Friendly Plastic. My style is organic, nostalgic, funky and chunky....and there are times when I like to throw in a bit of whimsey to.
If you want to check out my 'personal' Art here.

My co-author, Jana Ewy is a renowned Friendly Plastic designer and has been working with this medium for 20 years. Her work is nothing short of amazing and stunning. But I'll leave her to introduce herself to you. She has a blog and an Etsy store as well.

Please introduce yourself to us! Leave us a comment. Share with us what you'd like to see as far as products, new colors.... Tell us what you like, what you don't like. That way we can keep creating the products you want most.

If you have an FP it to me.

We'll be blasting magazines, internet sites and creating videos for you to view - we'll give you more details when they are available.

Thanks again! and thanks for being a part of re-discovering this wonderful - retro-trendy medium again!

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