Thursday, February 26, 2009

Road Trip at Jen's Studio - Day Two

Just get a couple of designers together with time on their hands and they will completely TRASH a studio in no time! So that nice pretty studio that I showed you yesterday??.....Not happenin today!

We were in the washer aisle of the hardware store and I was running around like a little kid in a candy store...then I got a text from Jana. She said..." I'm trying to create art...and I hate everything I made.... Im in a creative slump!" Just about that time - Jen looks at me and says...CALL HER and have her fly in! So I did.! She wanted to come so bad but the flights just didn't work out! (We even tempted her with a chocolate fondue party....and a t-shirt...) But this time it wasn't to be... So (SAD FACE NOW!) And guaranteed we will have a Friendly Plastic Fly In again this year....

After we ran errands, we created for hours upon hours. I did several new techniques and here's one of them. Jen and I used friendly plastic to die cut little shapes and charms. This necklace is a combination of friendly plastic strips, pellets, outline stickers and layers of resin.

Stay tuned - tomorrow I will show the BIG butterfly that I die cut and embellished!...
Well...even though it didn't work out for Jana to come see us....later in the day...I got another text and it said...'I CREATED ART!" and my goodness gracious... did she hop on over to the friendly plastic blog and check out that art candy.....
If she cant come to be WITH least she can by phone - blog and the internet!

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