Friday, February 27, 2009

Colorado Road Trip - Jen's Studio Day Four

We were going to shoot video today, but we decided to hold off until the end of our week together so we can showcase all the creative art we've been making.

We also decided that instead of creating, it would be fun to go visit another of my creative friends who lives in Loveland, Judy Caulkins of Judy's Stone House Designs. We met several years ago at a Society of Craft Designers Conference and have been friends and colleagues ever since. We also won the Best of Show in the Innovations display at CHA 2006 with our combined designs....anyways.....

I called Judy...hadn't talked to her in almost a year and said... GUESS WHAT?? Ive got a suprize for you....Can I come visit??? She was a wonderful host on the spot.

Here we are in her house, which has been transformed from a warehouse to an eclectic loft on the ground. Her home just screamed creativity! It was so warm and inviting...just like her!

Here she had displayed one of the wooden journals that I designed for her decorated in an Indiana Jones theme. I wish I knew who decorated the was so cute!

Here is her shelf of inspiration. On the edge closest to you, you can see the purses and albums that we combined to win the Best of Show award. She creates and designs miniatures for the miniature, gift and craft industries.

After the tour of her warehouse - stocked full of mini's....she treated us to lunch...and oh by the way...If you are close to Loveland, she has warehouse sales pretty check out her website and email her and she'll let you know when they are.
This little tea room was just around the corner. The smell of quiche and the aroma's of the tea when you walked in the door was simply was my cheddar cheese soup!
Thank you Judy for treating Jen and I to lunch! That was so kind of you!!!
After Judy's we went to JoAnn's Etc...they have their metal pendants on sale at 40% off! Then went to Sally's. Not typically the place you would look for jewelry supplies...

but I did find these dimensional little flowers made for nail art. Wouldn't they make an adorable embellishment for vintage jewelry? That seems to be one of the latest in jewelry trends...vintage...
We made our way back home with a stop at a bead store and a trip to nearly every grocery store looking for the last issue of the Rocky Mountain news....but no-go....all sold out...
It was a fun day to spend with a friend I dont get to see often.
Tomorrow Jen and I are off to a polymer clay guild meeting to visit with the ONE and ONLY ...POLYMER QUEEN...Ms. Donna Kato!
Check out the Friendly Plastic blog tomorrow. A new project sheet featuring friendly plastic strips and the bead rollers is available....and it's brand new!

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