Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Answering Readers Questions - Melting Friendly Plastic with Melting Pot

"bedlibedlam" from the Friendly Plastic yahoo group writes:

I'm wondering whether I can use my Ranger melting pot with FP, and if> so what heat setting I should use... can anyone help me out (apologies> if it's already been covered in an earlier post; I'm going to read through but I'm all excited having just got here!

Great question! I have used the melting pot to melt small pieces of the plastic. Line it with a teflon craft sheet like Jen Lowe uses. I cut it to size, that way you can lift out your plastic to dunk in the water to cool. The setting needs to be around 200 degrees. If it starts to bubble it's too hot. You may have to play with temperature a little bit because Im sure that all melting pots vary a little bit.

Eventually, after your addiction occurs....I would invest in a small pancake griddle. Jana and I both got ours at KOHLS for around $30. (Jana paid $20 on sale - I paid $31 with tax) You will not regret that purchase.

Thanks to Jen for creating another Friendly Plastic addict!

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