Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Project of the month club preview

The theme for next month is Going Green! Here's a little preview of March's polymer clay POM club....now it wont be this exact little froggie...but it will be very similar...with lots of focus on expression.....
The Multi Media Jewelry club will also be going green - replicating faux green stones in Friendly Plastic. Our focus will be on ways to colorize Friendly Plastic pellets.
So, if you're not a member yet....it's not to late to join!!! (see the side bar for details!)
While my focus over the past 15 years has been working with polymer clay, Im finding a new passion and love in Friendly Plastic. I love the way it can be totally retro...totally contemporary...and yes....I have created simple milliefiore canes with it..... I love being on the cutting edge of a medium that I believe is going to come back with a bang and take the crafting world by storm!
Tomorrow I'll be taping video's, the weekend I'll be designing POM's and then next Tuesday, I'll be on my way to Colorado for a week of everything Friendly Plastic and creating. I can't wait!

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