Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Busy Busy as a designer should be..... After CHA

I blink and it's like a week has gone by.....wait a second...a week HAS gone by! Seriously I had intended to blog sooner and catch you all up! Oh my goodness, has life happened!

Coming home from CHA made my brain mind wont shut off. I think I have the "What IF?!?!?!" syndrome....what if I do this...what if I do that? IF IF IF.....IF only I had enough time in the day to play with all my "IF's!"

I arrived home late Thursday night to ice and snow. I sure didnt want to leave the 80 degree weather in sunny Califoria. CHA was a little different this year, I was seriously busy and dead tired after each day of the show and Im sorry to say, I have very few pictures. But I do have blog links of others who have shared what they saw at I'll list them at the end of this post.

As for things that I did see and liked....(thanks to Jana for cluing me in...) Amate Studio's (thats AH Mah Tay....) has some awesome jewelry blanks. Perfect for Papercrafting jewelry, Polymer clay and Friendly Plastic (my new favorite addiction! - like I need another!). The girls at Vintaj also had some great vintage jewelry findings. Katie Hacker at Beadalon dropped by to bring me their newest catalog full of yummy licious findings, chains, name it. I use Beadalon in just about all my jewelry designs.

There was also a company there making fused glass jewelry in the microwave...yep...the microwave. And...I intended on going by to see it happen in greater detail...but I didnt...when I had the energy, I didnt have the time and vise versa......

My in-laws arrived on Friday, that meant the house had to get no chance to create that day....Saturday we visited .....and Sunday.....I couldn't take it any just before we left for the superbowl party at my parents house, I got out the electric skillet and swirled some Friendly Plastic. was so much fun to add color...and embossing powders and all different kinds of "What if's" much fun that I sat watching the superbowl, thinking I wished I had brought my friendly plastic with me! How sad is that?

Monday, I spent the day exploring several WHAT IF's with friendly plastic pellets. It's some amazing stuff.... .and the nice thing about it's heat..make and dunk and you have it. Im amazed at the stone effects that I can create...and later this week...(after the POMS are finished) I intend on perfecting and discovering new techniques....

So's a few bloggers who attended CHA:

Mill Lane Studio - she has some great stuff on there

Katie Hacker - Bead Queen Extraordinaire

Crafty Pod - promoting the Indie Arts

Enjoy those links........ For all you POM members, POMS will be out tomorrow!

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